Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is iRazoo? - search and win site

• Enter a search in the iRazoo search bar - for each search you get a chance to instantly win a prize such as a $5 Amazon gift card or even a $500 Amazon gift card! And now they've added the chance to win points.

Download the Search Bar...

• Once you have amassed enough points you can redeem them for some great prizes including iPods, Nintendo Wii's, gift cards, digital cameras.

• Another way to get points is to refer other people - you get 75 points for every referral - clearly this is the best way to get to your desired prize the fastest. As a bonus to the person you refer they get 75 points as well.


ghndi said...

Nice review!
Sadly, iRazoo became slow lately, earning points seems like hell, and everything became hard to get, personally I found gifthulk to be faster then it.
Try it sometimes.

anis chity said...

nice post friend here's an article that i made about irazoo get free prizes and gift cards with irazoo